2015 Student Leadership team Announced


The 2015 Newquay Tretherras Head Boy Luke Hawkey and Head Girl Lowena Hawkey, were inaugurated this week during a Year 12 assembly.


Supported by Senior Head Girl Megan Boundy, and Deputies, Malachy Cash, Jonathan Mitchell, Ebony Cave and Ellen Jenkin, the team will represent the school and student body in several official duties throughout their service, as well as mentoring younger students and putting forth suggestions on ways to improve student life in the school.


Jake Blum and Chloe-Ann Roberts were also welcomed into post as Chair of the Student Council, along with 10 Sixth Form students who will be Prefects linked to a specific year group, to which they will offer support and guidance.


Year 12 student’s submitted letters of application to explain why they felt they should be Head Boy or Girl before being later questioned by students from different Year groups.


Mr Andy Booth, Deputy Head of Newquay Tretherras Sixth Form commented during assembly ‘It is no mean feat, to write an application for any of these positions and then be faced by challenging questions form a panel of younger students. I am very proud of everyone who applied and delighted by every one of the successful candidates’.


Executive Headteacher, Mrs Sue Martin, before presenting each student with their badges commented, ‘It’s a fantastic responsibility and great opportunity to be part of this team. Younger students in the school will look up to you and I am sure you will do some tremendous work for them and your school.’


The combined team will serve for 1 year and stand-down from their duties in order to prepare for their exams next year.


The full Prefect Team is as follows:


Luke Hawkey – HEAD BOY

Malachy Cash – Deputy Head Boy

Jonathan Mitchell – Deputy Head Boy

Lowenna Hawkey – HEAD GIRL

Ebony Cave – Deputy Head Girl

Ellen Jenkin – Deputy Head Girl

Megan Boundy – Senior Head Girl

Jake Blum – Chair of Student Council

Chloe-Ann Roberts – Chair of Student Council

Jamie Lucas – Prefect (Linked to Year 7)

Ashleigh Watson – Prefect (Linked to Year 7)

Jess Menhenett – Prefect (Linked to Year 7)

Amelia Hayward – Prefect (Linked to Year 8)

Sam Nancarrow – Prefect (Linked to Year 8)

Holly Warn – Prefect (Linked to Year 8)

Matt Greendale – Prefect (Linked to Year 9)

Megan White-Jones – Prefect (Linked to Year 9)

Zach Newman – Prefect (Linked to Year 10)

Jordan Holroyd – Prefect (Linked to Year 10)


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