Mathematics is an intriguing and highly rewarding subject in its own right. Some students, however, prefer to use maths specifically to solve real life problems. If that person is you, then this could well be the course for you.

AS and A2 Topics studied

At AS Level the course introduces students to Statistics, Mechanics and Algebra as tools to model real life situations. These situations can vary from modelling population growth to producing tide time-tables. At A2 students look at some more complex mathematical approaches, including an introduction to the use of calculus in the real world.

Assessment details

Three modular examinations in the summer of each year.

Entry Requirements

Grade B in GCSE Maths or above.


Students are expected to take a highly independent approach to learning. There is a huge emphasis on the importance of practicing applying methods to different question styles in individual study time. Questions can be highly varied in the exam, so plenty of practice is an absolute necessity.

Outside of the Classroom

Students are expected to extend their awareness of maths beyond just the syllabus. The most successful candidates pursue their interests by accessing further reading about mathematics and mathematical problems.

Reasons to Study this

As well as being a really interesting, rewarding and rigorous course, Applied Maths is a superb supporting A Level. It equips students with mathematical skills that can be crucial in the successful study of other A Levels, including the Sciences and Humanities. Furthermore, the techniques encountered through studying the course may well serve you very well in further education.

Find Out More

Please do not hesitate to speak to your Maths teacher, or any member of the Maths department. For further information about the content of this course, and to access past exam papers, please visit the following website: (search for ‘Use of Maths’)