The UK has a strong history of producing high innovative products. Creative industries are currently the UK’s fastest growing sector. This course enables you to design and manufacture your ideas and to develop as a Designer. You will use the industry expertise at Tretherras to see your projects become reality.

What makes our students so successful?

  • We ensure you get the best practical entitlement to fulfil your ideas.
  • We will teach you the best in computer aided design and practical skills to enhance your professionalism.
  • We will support and nurture you so you can lourish as an individual designer.

Our post sixteen courses often connect with local business and working with them enhances your CV and application for University.  Students who have finished their A Level in DT have gone on to University courses in a wide range of Design based subjects. Our close connection with Falmouth University gives Tretherras students a unique opportunity to see Degree students in action.

Assessment details:
Unit 1: 60% towards AS Level (30% of A-Level)

In Year 12 you conduct a product analysis of an existing design and this will lead to a creative project to realise your ideas. Finally you complete a make/manufacture project which demonstrates a high level of skills.

Unit 2: 30% towards AS Level (20% of A-level)

A written exam (1hr 30mins) assesses the importance of materials and processes so that students can develop a greater understanding of how products can be designed and manufactured.

Unit 3: 30% of A Level

In Year 2 you will undertake a commercial project solving a design problem in a way that should be of  real commercial use. You will have a choice of what this project will be and it is the most exciting opportunity. The design project should provide opportunities for a client or user-group to have input into decision making at various stages of the design and make process.

Unit 4: A Level 20% Exam
In this unit students will develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of modern design and manufacturing practices and contemporary design issues. The modern designer must have a good working knowledge of the use of ICT and systems and control technology in the design and manufacture of products.

Entry Requirements
Students are required to have a B grade at GCSE in a Design Technology subject, as well as at least a C grade in Maths and English GCSE.

Students need to have an interest in Design, especially in their chosen area, and should enjoy the design and manufacture process experienced at Key Stage 4. They need to be well organised and manage their time effectively to balance the practical and academic aspects of this course. Students will be expected to use the on-line materials provided by the departments with up to 4 hours per week spent researching and reading around the subject.

Outside of the Classroom
Students are encouraged to participate in the Create Ed exhibition where students get to showcase their work. A number of trips and visits to museums, exhibitions and galleries run throughout the year to develop and broaden students ideas.

Reasons to Study
This course links very well to either Art and Design courses or to subjects such as Physics and Maths (for aspiring engineers). The practical aspect of the course is very important, but so is the ability to be critical, analytical and evaluative. In this respect the course links with most A Levels who require extended written answers.

Career paths are incredibly broad and varied, from specific design courses at insitutions such as Falmouth, to Engineering courses and IT based design. This A Level opens up a huge number of possibilities and demonstrates to employers the skills of design, communication and research as well as the analytical and critical evaluative skills mentioned earlier.

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