Books come Alive at Tretherras for World Book Day


Books came alive at Newquay Tretherras for World book day as staff read extracts to students of their favorite books all week.

Staff read their most cherished stories to students during morning and lunch breaks in the library. Local primary students also sat in the comfy corner of the library to listen to modern versions of classic nursery rhymes and extraordinary adventures around the world.

On the Friday all staff dressed up as their favorite book characters to help make the celebration a real page-turner.

Mrs Trevarthen, Lead Teacher of English explained, ‘Reading for pleasure is incredibly rewarding, enjoyable and so important in helping all students to access their curriculum. It’s a great activity to make time for. We wanted students to relish that experience and think about making some time for themselves to read a great book. Based on the smiles in the library, I am sure they will!’

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