An exciting and varied course designed to prepare the passionate dancer for higher education and training. The course gives students a sound practical and theoretical knowledge of various dance genre allowing students to explore and develop their technical and physical skills in dance and performance.

Some of the subjects the course covers are:

• Ballet
• Jazz
• Tap
• Contemporary
• Urban
• Business
• Historical Context
• Anatomy
• Healthy Dancer

Students will create a personal portfolio of evidence throughout the course to demonstrate their experience, progression and contextual/ theoretic understanding of this subject.

Students will need to be mature, professional, reflective and motivated. They will be expected to attend rehearsals and perform solos and group pieces throughout the course as this will also form part of their portfolio. Many external and internal performances will be planned and students will also plan, choreograph and teach workshops in the community. There will be regular opportunities to watch professional performances and participate in additional workshops from visiting artists.

Students will be encouraged to develop personally by assessing their own strengths and areas for improvement through reflective learning and support from their tutor.

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