Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Visits Newquay Tretherras


Newquay Tretherras benefit from Governments £2billion Priority Schools Building Programme

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg visits Tretherras for Live TV Broadcasts



Newquay Tretherras are thrilled to announce that following a visit from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, they will be one of the 277 schools across England who will benefit from the Governments investment in school building including £2 billion in the second phase of the Priority School Building Programme.

Mr Clegg gave details of the overall £6 billion pound investment during a live broadcast to Breakfast TV audiences on the BBC, Sky and ITV, alongside Governors, Teachers, Staff and Students of Newquay Tretherras and Newquay Junior Academy.

Tretherras is one of the schools that will benefit from the Priority Schools Building investment aimed at improving the standard of school buildings that have been acknowledged as no longer suitable for a 21st education approach.

For several years now, the Leadership Team and Board of Directors at Tretherras have been actively looking to provide its students with modern teaching facilities that would replace its old 1950’s buildings.

The age and construction of these buildings, which largely form the lower school, have meant that little options have been available to remodel unsuitably sized classrooms with infrastructure repair and maintenance costly and ultimately poor value for money.

Newquay Tretherras’ Executive Headteacher Sue Martin explained, “This is a long term dream which has finally come true for us. We have wanted to demolish the old 50′s block for years because it’s truly past its sell by date.  You can’t educate tomorrow’s workforce in yesterday’s classrooms and this rebuilding will make the world of difference to our staff and students, and generations of students to come.’

Delighted with the announcement Mrs Martin added, “We have fantastic staff and wonderful students who make the best of what they have: they really deserve this fantastic new build. The whole Tretherras family and Newquay Education Trust are absolutely thrilled.”

While specific details are still to be consulted on, any new build will look to provide new classroom blocks for English and Maths, which are essential skills for 21st century success. Also under consideration would be larger classrooms, breakout space for intensive group work, and opportunities to build upon the immensely successful work that Tretherras is known for.

Year 7 Tretherras Student Jonty Ollerenshaw, who met the Deputy Prime Minister over breakfast, explained that he discussed with Mr Clegg his favourite subjects and how exciting it would be to have a new school.

Jonty added, “It would be great to have new classrooms because the school really needs a new building.  I would like to see new music classrooms and new changing rooms for PE.”


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