Digital Leaders Launch


On 12th February 2015, Newquay Tretherras launched their innovative Digital Leaders programme.

The Digital Leaders are a group of around 40 students divided into three teams, all with different functions to give them a leading role in supporting, advising and training fellow students and staff, alongside the IT & Media Services team.

The Ambassadors’ role is to look at securing funding for new technology, and were most recently successful in purchasing three Lego Mindstorms after presenting to the PTA as part of a bid for funding.

Currently, the Communicators are working with teachers to produce training materials for ‘Show My Homework’ which is due to be launched soon, whilst the Technicians are supporting Newquay Junior Academy in training their Cyber-Mentors.

Miss Caroline Ellis, Teacher of IT and a Digital Leaders mentor said, “The Digital Leaders are very enthusiastic and passionate group of students who are keen to shape the vision and strategy around the use of technology at Newquay Tretherras. I am already very excited about the ideas they have suggested in how the use of technology can improve both teaching and learning for students.”



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