Students Aim To Build A Fully Functional Flight Simulator


The Royal Aeronautical Society and Boeing have awarded the First Phase of the Falcon Initiative to the Newquay Education Trust.

The Falcon Initiative will provide funding to selected schools to enable them to build a fully functional Flight Simulator. The project aims to inspire students to pursue the further study of STEM subjects, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through engagement with targeted activity relating directly to the current National Curriculum.

There are only 10 schools allocated such an opportunity and only 2 schools with go through to going to the final phase of making a flight simulator.

The Newquay Tretherras project will involve 20 students; 4 Year 12 Physicists, 8 Year 10 Scientists and 8 Year 9 Engineering students. The Academy will aim to target a range of abilities as well as getting Year12 students to lead the project groups.

The goal of the project involves students building both the hardware and software for a Battle of Britain Spitfire plane. They will need to learn about 3D printing, actuators, 3D software programming, sound engineering and the physics of flight.

The newly formed Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre situated next to RAF St Mawgan, will assist Newquay Tretherras by providing a base and technical support throughout the process.

The Newquay Education Trust’s simulator proposal will be presented to the Royal Society of Aeronautics and Boeing next April. Anybody wishing to help out in the project would be most welcome – please contact the school if you are interested!

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