Healthy Schools Status

Newquay Tretherras School has been awarded “Healthy Schools” status by Cornwall County Council. The award is in recognition of the work that is conducted throughout the school in improving the lives of its pupils through promoting the importance of good physical and mental health.
In particular, Cornwall Council recognised the services provided by the “The Wave” – the school’s Personalised Learning and Well Being Centre. Martin Thompson, Bid Coordinator explained, “This is a fantastic achievement for Newquay Tretherras and testament to the outstanding work that goes on at The Wave. Since its opening, The Wave has had a significant impact on the lives of both pupils and parents. The Wave offers Newquay Tretherras students a safe environment in which all aspects of health can be addressed”.
In awarding “Healthy School” status Dr Caroline Court (Interim Director of Public Health) and Jane Black (Head of Learning and Achievement) commented “Newquay Tretherras have demonstrated a clear plan which is ambitious and a lot of work has gone into The Wave. They have made strong links between learning and health, which is fantastic!”
Newquay Tretherras now proudly displays the Healthy Schools Award with a commemorative plaque in school.

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