House Assemblies start Vibrant House System


The new House System at Newquay Tretherras began this term with each House welcoming their entire respective students and members of staff into House Assemblies.

The new House System has been designed to further extend the family ethos at the Academy, providing support for all students whilst still retaining the normal year group structures. Year 7 through to 13 are all included in a House as well as all school staff.

The House members presented themselves to their new Heads of House who briefed students on House ethos and objectives.

Each House is named after Cornish Light Houses; Pedeen, Godrevy, Wolf Rock, Longships and Lizard. Heads of House gave passionate and energetic talks that prepared everyone for some fantastic Inter-House competitions.

Miss Jane Hurley, who is coordinating the new House System commented, “The House Assemblies were fantastic! All Heads of House really inspired both students and staff, and there is already a fierce but friendly competition for House points!”

The start of the House system has been well received by both students and staff. Houses are now busy designing their own House logos, electing House Captains and keeping an eye on the House Points Leaderboard on Moodle.

Miss Hurley added, “There is a real buzz around the school at the moment and students are being picked for House Captains. They are also looking at designing logos and ‘quotes’.  Let the competitions begin!”



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