Learn 2 Live – Mobile Phone Awareness Campaign


Fire officers from the Cornwall Fire Service visited year 7 students at Newquay Tretherras as part of a new road safety campaign.

The “Learn 2 Live” campaign is designed to make students aware of how easily they can be distracted by their mobile phones when walking alongside busy roads, and especially at times when they are crossing roads.

It used an exciting combination of mobile phone footage, social media links, video content and class discussion to give students an insight into how easy it is for them to be distracted, especially during the major danger times of making their way to and from school.  This was mixed with the personal experience of fire officers who talked about attending scenes of accidents involving young people.

At the end of the hour session, which took place as part of the school’s SMSC programme, students were given a “phone sock” to put on their mobile phones so they were less likely to be distracted by them when making their way home at the end of the school day.

Mr Grahaeme Jones, Lead Teacher of SMSC, said, “This was yet another example of the outstanding work that SMSC provides for the young people of Newquay Tretherras as we are committed to the highest standards of looking after their safety and wellbeing. It was a fun and interesting session with our brave, dedicated Fire Officers.”

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