Magnificent Evening for Sixth Form Dinner & Dance


After two years of focus and hard work, the Students and Staff of Newquay Tretherras Sixth Form had the chance to dress up and enjoy an evening together at the Carnmarth Hotel on Saturday 2nd July.

Around 100 guests made their way to the hotel to relax and celebrate their time together before Results Day and heading off to University, Apprenticeships or Employment.

Mr Booth, Post 16 Lead Co-ordinator of the Newquay Tretherras Sixth Form, gave a speech that entertained both students and staff by recalling the colourful characters and moments of the Sixth Form students.

Mr Booth, summed up the evening, “Overall, the Sixth Form Dinner and Dance was a magnificent evening thoroughly enjoyed by all and a great way to round off a fun, hardworking year in the Tretherras Sixth Form. I must thank Mr Rapier who has organised a cracking evening and the Carnmarth Hotel staff for welcoming us every year.”

Later on in the evening many of the current students met up in Newquay with former Tretherras Sixth Form students, a tradition which has been building up over recent years.

Mr Booth commented, “I am honoured that in my first year of leading the Sixth Form I have dealt with a marvellous group of young people, who are hardworking and enthusiastic. We wish them all the best with their future studies, applications to University and travels around the world.”

Sixth Form students now look forward to receiving their examination results in August.

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