Modern Foriegn Languages representing Portugal during European Languages Day

Leads to
GCSE/A Level French
GCSE/A Level Spanish

Compulsory at Phase 1 and optional at Phase 2 and Advanced Academy

Modern Foreign Languages at Tretherras

The Modern Foreign Language department is situated in the Senior end of the school close to the library. We have five MFL classrooms, all with interactive Promethian boards and projectors, whiteboards and CD players.

The aims of the Languages department are:

  • To develop students’ ability to use one or more foreign languages for the purposes of effective and practical communication.
  • To encourage positive attitudes to foreign language learning and to speakers of foreign languages, and to promote understanding and awareness of French and Spanish speaking countries.
  • To promote challenge and offer enjoyment and a sense of achievement appropriate to the learners’ ability and needs.
  • To form a basis for future study of foreign languages.

Phase 1 Curriculum

The majority of students study both French and Spanish in Year 7 and 8 as we are keen to promote an element of choice as students progress through the school. At the end of Year 8, students then choose to study either French or Spanish, thus enabling increased progress in their chosen language. For those students who wish to study both languages, an extra curricular club is run for Spanish. SEN students have a reduced number of lessons and complete a differentiated version of the Frenchcourse with the additional curriculum time being used to boost literacy skills through supplementary English lessons.


Year 7 students participate in ‘The French Project’

Topic areas covered in both languages in Phase 1 include:

  • Introducing yourself, your family and your pets
  • Talking about your school
  • Describing where you live
  • Inviting people out
  • Hobbies and sports
  • Food and drink
  • Daily routine
  • Clothes

GCSE Curriculum – French, Spanish
Languages are optional in Year 10 and 11 though we encourage students to opt for one. We offer both French and Spanish GCSE following EDEXCEL specifications. Students are tested in all four skill areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking with either terminal exams or assessment work during the course. Listening and reading are each worth 20% of the final grade and are tested with terminal exams at the end of Year 11. Writing and speaking are worth 30% each of the final grade and are currently assessed through written and spoken controlled assessments which are produced under exam conditions during the course. Students are given a task title two weeks in advance of their assessment in both skills and so have preparation time for these.

Links are currently being established with Dinard, France and Castilla y Leon, Spain to give students the opportunity to develop their language skills in a real life situation.

A Level Curriculum – French, Spanish
Both French and Spanish are taught at A/S and A2 following AQA specifications. Our main resource used is Kerboodle, an online course produced by AQA.

The A/S course content includes Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Living & Lifestyle and Family & Relationships. At A2, the themes covered are the Environment, Multicultural Society and Contemporary Social Issues as well as looking at two aspects from French or Spanish culture which include a study of a region and a study of a film and director.

Both A/S and A2 are broken down into 2 units. Units 1 and 3 test listening, reading and writing skills and are worth 35% each whilst units 2 and 4 are tested with oral exams which are worth 15% each. For Units 2 and 4, students have 20 minutes preparation for a 15 minute exam which includes response to a stimulus card and general conversation based on themes studied throughout the course. Students complete units 1 and 2 for A/S and units 3 and 4 for A2.

To boost speaking skills, students are timetabled for an additional session with languages staff for a conversation lesson. Students also need to complete independent reading and listening to support the development of their language skills throughout the course.

For more information, go to http://tretherras.net/a-level-french/ or http://tretherras.net/a-level-spanish/

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