MI8 Dance Show


Tuesday and Wednesday evening last week saw the 8th Newquay Tretherras Annual dance showcase at Tretherras, held in front of a packed audience.

The show, Mirror Image, first held in 2007 to raise funds for dance studio mirrors, featured a range of performances from Tretherras, primary students and local community dance schools and companies.

The money raised from ticket sales and refreshments will be put back into facilitating further dance projects at Tretherras, to enable further primary outreach work, subsidise theatre visits and provide workshops for all students interested in dance.

Mrs Louise Alecock-Smith, Teacher of Dance at Tretherras said, “I am intensely proud of the students who choreographed, edited music and performed, as well as the people that were involved in refreshments, managing the stage and our amazing tech crew.”

She continued, “Each year, I always think the show has been the best yet and can’t be topped and the following year it’s even better again. I can’t imagine what it will be like next year!”

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