Newquay Tretherras To Build On Ofsted Success

Newqauy Tretherras School plans to build upon its Ofsted success by investing in new facilities for pupils and the local community.

The school became an Academy in April 2011 and has achieved an Ofsted inspection grade of “outstanding”. However, the school is not resting on its laurels and the Governors have put together proposals to refurbish the school so that it continues to provide excellent facilities for the local community into the future.

As well as remodelling the main school building to create a modern learning environment, the proposals include community buildings (such as a library and theatre), and modern energy-saving features to reduce running costs and the school’s carbon footprint.

Currently, the main school buildings are showing their age and do not represent a 21st century learning environment, while the lower school is not fit for purpose. External funding for investment into school facilities is scarce and will continue to be for a long time, so the school has investigated other means of funding a modern new learning environment that will meet the needs of the local community for generations to come.

In order to raise funds for the new facilities, the school has proposed to sell an area of land at the North of its site, which includes the Lower Junior School, the Hexagonal Theatre and the Happy Days Nursery.

However, proposals for the redevelopment of the site are at a very early stage and no development partner has yet been agreed upon.

The school’s administration and governors are holding preliminary discussions with Tesco regarding the use of the site, but the discussions are in an early stage.

The school will ensure that all interested parties, including neighbours and parents, are notified of any decision or agreement that is made in the future with any prospective developer.

If an agreement with a third party developer is reached, all local residents will be invited to have their say and contribute their ideas towards any proposed scheme. Any public consultation activities that happen will be well publicised with plenty of notice.

The school’s Chair of Governors, Richard Simeons said: “We are committed to continuing to improve the school’s facilities and increase the opportunities we provide for our students and the local community.

Funding for capital investment is scarce so the sale of part of this redundant part of the site is essential to securing the long-term standards of the school. This funding will enable us to invest in the school’s facilities to create an improved learning environment for our students, as well as new life-long learning facilities for the whole community.”

The School is completely committed to involving all it’s stakeholders: staff, students, parents and local community, in influencing the shape of education at Newquay Tretherras for the future.

Any enquiries should be directed to the Press Officer at Newquay Tretherras School, on 01637 872080 or via email

The school refurbishment will include:

New learning spaces for English, Maths, Science, a Student Support Base, and a new main entrance

Significant community facilities : Community Performance Art Theatre and a Community based Library

Partially glazed walls to create inviting and light workspaces

Open spaces in communal areas with a Café

Office space and storage

Environment and sustainability features to reduce running costs and the environmental impact of the school