NT Chef 2016 Year 7 Round 1


On Wednesday 3rd, the first round of NT Chef 2016 got underway. Year 7 students set a high bench mark, with all students producing amazing dishes to a high standard, for a place in the semi-finals.

Jenna Poulter impressed with her butterfly cakes made from scratch and using no recipe. Judges were particularly impressed that she tasted her icing throughout the process to make sure that the flavour was just the way she wanted it.

Olivia Burley made a Pasta Bolognese for her entry. Again, creating it from scratch and cooking her pasta perfectly, the judges noted the flavours she achieved.

Sofie Alecock-Smith created one of the best looking dishes seen in NT Chef, and did it all with a remarkable sense of calm throughout the process. Sofie crafted meatballs, roasting them in the oven and boiled spaghetti, before assembling them into birds-nest like mouthfuls. The dish was roasted off with parmesan cheese, tomato passata and mozzarella to hold it together. To complete the delicious mouth full, the dish was garnished with fresh basil leaves.

Khaya Molly chose to make the old favourite, profiteroles. Despite a trick stage, Khaya managed to put together a fantastic looking plate of food, with chocolate work and fresh strawberries by way of a garnish.

Jake Place wowed the judges with his dish, especially given that it was the first round. The dish he put together featured a salad with wholegrain mustard dressing, oven roasted asparagus, roasted mushroom stuffed with camembert, a garlic mayo, oven roasted vine tomatoes, and a ribeye steak cooked to perfection. Jake managed to cram so much flavour into his steak that the judges kept going back for. No detail was left out, going so far as to present it on specific plates, with specifically chosen cutlery and a printed menu. This was the winning dish, and it suggests good things are to come from Jake.

Mr Nichols who co-ordinates the competition commented, ‘All in all, a fantastic start to the competition, if you see any of the students, please pass on a well done to them all – they should be really pleased with their efforts.’

Final results were; in 4th Place Jenna Poulter, in 3rd Place Olivia Burley, in 2nd Place Equal: Sofie Alecock-Smith, in 2nd Place Equal: Khaya Molly and in 1st Place and through to the Semi Finals is Jake Khamis

Next week, the next group of Year 7′s will be competing in round 2. The following week, Nick Evans, Head Chef at Rick Stein’s St Petroc’s Bistro will be at Newquay Tretherras to doing some fish cookery demonstrations.


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