Cornwall SEND AREA Inspection – Webinar for Parents / Carers at 1.30 pm on 30 June 2017



Every young person at Newquay Tretherras is special and should experience success and reward wherever possible. There can be barriers to learning for any young person at any time, or of course such barriers can be on-going. The student with special educational needs has the same right as every other student and it is the aim of our school to ensure that we are providing the appropriate work, in the appropriate way for each student.

We are committed integration and inclusion.  All students have a right to access all areas of the curriculum.  We aim to ensure that each student, whatever their special need, will achieve their full potential in all areas by supporting students, teachers and the curriculum.

The term special needs encompasses the 4 Areas of Need; Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties and Sensory and/or Physical needs. Students that are identified as needing additional support with their learning can be added to the school’s Record of Need in order to access good quality teaching strategies and, in some cases, additional intervention.

Most students on the Record of Need for learning simply require a slightly different approach to teaching in the classroom in order to make good progress. All teachers have a responsibility to special needs students and the Learning Support Department aims to provide the support that staff, students and parents may need.

The number of students on the Record of Need varies during the year as reviews take place. The key to meeting the needs of students lies in flexibility, the effective deployment and use of support staff, the support of the governing body, parental involvement, contact with outside agencies, supporting and advising colleagues and the ability to see the potential of every student.

We believe that close parental/carer contact is essential. We are happy to see parents/carers, or speak to them, whenever they contact us. Partnership between school and home is valuable for the development of each student and parents/carers receive regular notification about the young person’s wellbeing and development.

Newquay Tretherras Academy operates an admission policy whereby all students are treated as equal. We liaise closely with our partner primary schools so that we can ensure a positive and successful transition. Our building has access, to most areas, for wheelchair users. We aim to enhance the education of all students with special needs by providing the ethos that a whole school policy brings with it, without losing sight of the fact that some students need extra support to achieve.


From Statements to Education, Health and Care Plans

As  of  September  2014,  the  government  is  replacing  statements  of  special  educational  needs  and  Learning  Difficulty  Assessments  with  a  single education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan for children and young people with complex needs. The EHC Plan will place much more emphasis on personal goals and will describe the support a young person will receive while they are in education or training.

From School Action and School Action Plus to SEN Support

For a young person with less complex needs but who may require additional support, the government is introducing a new system called Special Educational Needs Support (SEN Support), which replaces School Action and School Action Plus. At this stage, the Learning Support team become involved and identify the area of additional need that a young person may have. Working closely with class teachers and pastoral staff additional intervention will put in place in order for a young person’s needs to be meet. Their progress is then monitored not only by Class Teachers and Heads of Departments but also by the Learning Support Team including the SENCo, Miss Hayley Coombes.

Further details of the school’s SEND provision can be found in the Newquay Tretherras SEND policy document.

  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report/School Offer


Please feel free to contact Hayley Coombes, SENCO, should you have any queries or concerns

e-mail: SENCO@tretherras.net


Useful Links

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  • SEND Code of Practice: 0-25 Years – download PDF here
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Additional documents

  • Newquay Tretherras Academy – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy 2016 - download PDF here
  • Newquay Tretherras Academy SEN Information Report - download PDF here