Permission Request

Dear Parents and Carers

It has become law that schools are to gain written parental permission before they can obtain a child’s biometric data. In the case of Newquay Tretherras, we now need parental permission to take your child’s finger scan for the purposes of cashless catering.

The fingerprint scan is used at Tretherras to identify students on the cashless payment system and is only used for students’ schools dinners. The original fingerprint scan is converted to a hexadecimal code and it is only the code which is stored for the scan process; no fingerprint image or complete pattern is stored at any time.

You may opt out of this biometric system if you do not wish your child to have their fingerprint scanned. Students who will not be using the fingerprint scan system will be given a 4-digit pin code in order to use the cashless payment system.

Please fill in and return your Consent Form as soon as possible if you wish your child to continue to use the cashless payment system, otherwise, we will issue them with a pin code.

Thank you for your continued support.

Download the Consent Form