Exam Board: : OCR Modern World


Course content/breakdown:

Paper 1: 2 hour exam

International Relations 1945-1975:

o Origins of the Cold War

o Cuban Missile Crisis

o Vietnam 1965-1975


USA Depth Study

o The Roaring Twenties and the economic boom 

o Prohibition and intolerance

o Wall Street Crash: Causes and Consequences

o FDR and the New Deal


Paper 2: Source Based exam 1½ hour exam

British Depth Study 1906-1918

o Female Suffrage

o Liberal reforms

o Britain and the home front



After school sessions available on Tuesdays in Y9.

One-to-ones also available by invitation.

Revision sessions will be topic specific on a rolling basis. Students will have the opportunity to attend a revision session twice.



OCR Modern World Revision book, Ben Walsh

Available from History department £5

Podcasts to become available for all students


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