Exam Board: OCR – Mathematics B, J567 (from 2012)


Course content/breakdown:

Students will either sit the Foundation or the Higher paper, they should know which paper they are due to be sitting.


Foundation students are able to achieve grades from C down to a G.

Higher students are able to achieve grades from A* down to an E.

Full details of the course content can be found at:




Every Wednesday afterschool is Year 11 revision time for Maths.

Sessions are run by a pupil’s class teacher.

All students are welcome.

Some students will be personally invited by their teacher to attend specific sessions to focus on an identified weakness.




www.ocr.org.uk – here you can download past papers and mark schemes.

www.mymaths.co.uk – here you can complete questions on specific topics and there are lessons to support independent learning.

www.cgpbooks.co.uk – new interactive revision tool, MathsBuster, available from school for £5.


PDF download here