NT Work Experience

Our school Work Placement Programme has been developed over many years; we have an extensive Data Base of placements and have fostered excellent relationships with hundreds of businesses both locally and out of Cornwall. We are very fortunate to have many local businesses that support our students every year. Our placements include retail outlets, hairdressers and beauticians, local school and nurseries, activity centres, leisure facilities as well as tourist organisations.

The aim of the Work Placement Programme is to:

To give students a broader view of the world of work and of associated disciplines, so that they will be better prepared to face the transition to an adult work environment

To provide preparation for life skills and support in identifying career pathways

To foster and reinforce links between students and the local community, the school and the employers

All our placements are checked for Health and Safety, Risk Assessment and Insurance before students are permitted to embark on any period of work experience.

Year Groups


All students in Year 10 are able to undertake a Work Placement for a week in the summer of their Year 10. They engage in a variety of activities before they start their placement. These include letter writing, telephone and interview techniques and Health and Safety Awareness. Students keep of log book of their week and undertake a presentation as part of their English coursework on their return to school.

 YEAR 11

Work placements are available to some students in Year 11. Placements are used to support areas of study and to provide students with a clear insight into the variety of available employment opportunities. Students undertake placements on a weekly basis during the year.


Students are able to take part in a wider range of placements in the Sixth Form and these often have a greater focus on the student’s career selection. Many universities require students selecting particular courses of study e.g. medicine, nursing and teaching to have evidence of work experience and it is important that placements are selected wisely and that they have value to the course of study the student is undertaking.