Year 7 Inter-form turns to Basketball and Football


Newquay Tretherras students were introduced to new sports for the Year 7 Inter-form on Monday 16th March.

Traditionally students participate in the more popular games of Rugby and Hockey, but this year the boy’s experienced Basketball whilst the girls competed with Football. However, the changes were well received by students.

The switches in sports were intended to open up the competition and give student’s new experiences as well as encouraging a wider participation.

Mr Matt Johnson, PE teacher at Newquay Tretherras explained; ‘We wanted to give forms a new challenge and see more students engaged with different sports. The Sports Leaders assisted in officiating the games have also had to learn new skills to referee the games.’

Year 7 student Josh Allen commented, ‘I normally play Rugby, but have really enjoyed having a go at Basketball.’

Results were announced in Year 7 assembly; Boys Basketball, 1st place JSS, 2nd place ESH; Girls Football, 1st place ESH, 2nd place KPP.

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