Youth University STEM 2017


120 students and their families attended the second weekend of the Newquay Tretherras Youth University Programme.

The young learners from all Newquay primary schools, together with parents, explored the Newquay Tretherras curriculum of STEM subjects that included Science, Maths, Technology and Computing.

CAD designed mobile phone holders were constructed by future engineers, whilst scrumptious cakes were made in Food Technology.

Inquisitive scientists designed and tested ‘egg landing lunar space pods’ as well as extracting their own DNA strands in forensic science.

Problem-solving Maths students got to the bottom of logic puzzles and decoded the Maths trail around the school.

Computational whiz kids got to programme robots and also code and experience a virtual world for state of the art VR headsets.

Tristan White co-ordinator of the Youth University said, “The Newquay Tretherras STEM Youth University Programme really gives young learners a hands-on approach to the STEM subjects at Newquay Tretherras.”

The final Youth University day is this Saturday 7th of October. Pupils and their parents will be able to take part in the Creative Arts programme and enjoy Music, Art, Dance and Musical Theatre.

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