Online Teaching and Learning

Online Teaching & Learning

If you are isolating, or school is shut during term time for you, you will be taught Online with Online Lessons using Microsoft Teams, and with work set on ClassCharts.
You need to follow your normal Timetable and be ready to join in the lesson, from your device, at the same time as you would if you were in school.
Our aim is to replicate the school day as closely as possible in order that you are kept motivated, engaged and continue to progress! Those who have had to do this already this year have been excellent, so keep up the good work.
Attendance to these lessons is compulsory and a register will be taken.
Joining a Teams lesson couldn’t be easier:

All online lessons will take place using Microsoft Teams:

  • Use the Microsoft Teams app for your home computer/laptop/tablet or smartphone. Or, type in your web browser, login using the details below and select the Teams app in Office 365:
  • Username = your school email address, which begins with your school username: Password = your school account password.
  • Once you have logged in to Teams you will see coloured icons next to each class name. If these do not appear on your screen press ‘Teams’. The class name begins with 2022, followed by the Teaching Group/Option/Population and then the Subject code e.g. 2022-7K-G (7K Geography), 2022-11Y4-E (11Y4 English).
  • Click on the class you have next, then wait for the lesson to start.
  • When the teacher starts the lesson, you will see a ‘join now’ button/alert which you must press to be connected to the remote lesson. Try to be punctual, however, you can still join a lesson even if you are late.
  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties try leaving and rejoining the class. Unfortunately, your teacher cannot solve your technological hitches. Please contact IT support if necessary;
We’ve got you!
We appreciate how difficult this can be, especially if you have more than one child needing to use a device, or are having trouble accessing the technology required, however, we are here to help! Please ring in and ask to speak to your child’s Head of Year, or form tutor, and we’ll come to a solution together.
Thank you, as ever, for all of your support.