Tech Jam for Students

Software Cornwall offer free events for students to come and try their hand at learning computer programming. The events are run by volunteers from the Cornish software industry to encourage students enjoy computers in a different way to their normal experiences at school or home. The industry is also keen for the students to realise that there are serious career possibilities within the county and by encouraging them young the industry stands to gain in the future.

Not all students have access to a computer at home or school to learn coding and software programming. The Tech Jams also bring along some other great items to try new gained skills on which very few students anywhere would have access too. By providing these events Software Cornwall hopes to level the playing field of access to all.

The monthly Tech Jam for students to try out their coding skills or learn some new ones will be held at Chy Trevail, Bodmin on 11th April from 10 until 1pm. Participation is free and there is free parking on site too.

For more information about Software Cornwall please take a look at the website.