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GCSE/A Level History

Compulsory at Phase 1, optional at Phase 2 and Advanced Academy

History at Newquay Tretherras
History at NT encourages students to think independently to reach their own justified conclusions based on ideas that they have studied. Every student is expected to increase their confidence in presenting or discussing their ideas through a wide range of mediums that suit all learning styles; producing and editing films, group presentation work, independent study or class demonstrations. History provides vital skills for all students when analyzing sources, texts, pictures and ideas to reach informed decisions.

Phase 1 Curriculum
At Phase 1, student’s History starts with Medieval England and explores the key events that have helped to shape our modern world from 1066. Global history is explored in Year 8 where students are challenged to consider the causes and consequences of the Transatlantic Trade and the Civil Rights movement in the USA.

To prepare students for Phase 2, Year 9 look at the causes and consequences of modern warfare and the turbulent 20th century. Political idea and beliefs are introduced through the idea of dictatorships and warfare.


History teacher, Mr Preece, working with students

GCSE Curriculum
GCSE History is a Modern World study exploring themes of global conflict, revolutionary states and democratic societies in action.

Year 10 students start the course looking at a British Depth Study and are introduced to the concepts of change and reform on women, working and living conditions and the impact of World War 1 on Britain during 1906-1918. This is followed by a piece of coursework that studies Russia 1905-1941 which allows students to explore further the idea of change and reform, and notably the impact of communism, in a different country.
The focus then switches to a USA depth study 1919-41, which shows a clear contrast to the previous study. Students study the ideas of capitalism, prohibition and economic depression.

The final topic looks at International Relations 1945-1975 which draws previous learning together where students study the impact of the Clash of ideologies between the USA and USSR and its impact on a global scale, with the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War being two case studies.

A Level Curriculum
The Edexcel History course taught at Tretherras allows the study of a significant theme within History by studying the impact of Communism in two countries. In Year 12, students will look at Communist States in the Twentieth Century and in Year 13, students will explore the changing nature and impact of war on Britain. The coursework has yet to be confirmed but could allow student the freedom to look more in depth at one of the examined topics or choose another area of study.

For more information, go to http://tretherras.net/a-level-history/

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