Longships Lighthouse is a navigation aid about 1.25 mi off the coast of Lands End in Cornwall. It stands on Carn Bras, the highest of the Longships islets which rises 39 feet above high water level.

In Longships’ House we strive to be the best- and most of the time we succeed in being the best in all we do!

Our motto, “Be more Viking” calls on students to draw upon the pioneering, resilient and competitive nature for which the Vikings were both renowned and feared for!

We draw on the strength of all students within the house, in the knowledge that all can contribute in one way or another to Longships ongoing success! From sporting achievements to art and writing competitions, you can guarantee that Longships will be well represented.

The aspect that fills us with the most pride is our unbeaten track record when it comes to raising money for charity and we have been proud to support the RNLI, The Terrence Higgins Trust and Papyrus in the last two years alone. Whatever the event, we will be represented! We will support each other! We will enjoy success and come what may, we will enjoy taking part!

Charities Supported: