Most Able & High Achieving Students

The broad purpose of the government’s Most Able and High Achieving Pupil (HAP) programme is for each school to identify approximately 10% of their most able pupils in each subject and to provide opportunities and support to help them achieve to their full potential. The government’s definition of Most Able is one that

“describes children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of the year group.” (DCSF)

At Tretherras we believe that all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to succeed. This includes our most able pupils. Therefore we strive to provide lessons that are both relevant to students needs and motivates them to strive for excellence. We also provide an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities for students to enrich their school life and provide further challenge.

  • First, we need to make sure that our most able students do as well academically as those of our main economic competitors.
  • This means aiming for A*/ A/ 9-7 grades and not being satisfied with less.
  • To ensure, from early on, that students know what opportunities are open to them and develop their confidence to make the most of these.
  • They need tutoring, guidance and encouragement, as well as a chance to meet other young people who have embraced higher education.
  • To ensure that all schools help students and families overcome cultural barriers to attending higher education.
  • In each year we identify our MABLE/HAP students from their average key stage two point score, highest average GCSE points score forecast/achieved by staff and AS Results
  • For the Excel programme we select the top students from within this cohort to represent our most able students from year 10 onwards.

NT Rising Stars
Students entering the school in Phase 1 as a High Achieving Student based on their Key Stage 2 scores will be identified as a HAP student in all subjects as part of the Rising Stars programme. Teachers will ensure they are suitably stretched and challenged through a variety of in-class strategies which will aim to encourage scholastic excellence and a passion for learning via curiosity, thinking hard tasks and vibrant learning environments.

At the start of each year HAP students and their parents are invited to attend a meeting as part of the ‘Expectation Evening’ programme with their respective Head of Year and Mr Higginson (Senior Assistant Headteacher and Strategic Lead for HAP) where they will be introduced to the curricular and extra-curricular opportunities and the support the school are able to provide.

For students who have a ‘gift or talent’ for a particular subject they will be invited to a minimum of 2 subject specific workshops per year led by our own specialist staff within their respective year groups. Each department will monitor and track each students’ specific HAP progress and provide a range of opportunities to further stretch and challenge them whilst also signposting them to additional resources and experiences in which they can engage with should they choose to.

NTExcel and ABBA Programmes
From Year 10 our top 50 HAP students are invited to join the Excel programme which runs for 4 years until the conclusion of their A Level studies. The aims of the programme are:

  • To support students who are our most able, gifted or talented learners.
  • Stretch and challenge them in all lessons and in all subjects.
  • Provide opportunities and experiences which will encourage scholastic excellence and an aspiration and confidence to attend the top universities.
  • By nurturing a child’s natural gifts or talents, we aim to help them realise their full potential.

When students’ progress into our Sixth Form they continue on the Excel programme but are commonly referred to as the ABBA group. These students are identified after their GCSE results and are assigned a subject specific mentor to support them with their learning over the two years. They also benefit from visiting Oxford and Cambridge, and receiving advice and guidance from outside speakers.

KS5 High-Performance Data

  • Over 50% of our students take Maths and Science subjects.
  • All applications for the Sutton Trust Schools were successful last year.
  • We send a higher than the average number of students to Russell Group Universities (24%).
  • 53% of our A2 grades were A*-B in 2017, and we have averaged above 50% A*-B for the last three years.
  • 10 Year 13 students averaged over 90% in exams 2017.
  • We are aiming to become the top state school provider of students to Oxbridge in Cornwall.

Further Enrichment Opportunities at Tretherras for HAP

  • Oxford and Cambridge visits
  • Visit to Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth Uni.
  • Sutton Trust summers school
  • Cambridge, London and Yale, Connecticut!
  • Internships and strong links to businesses and universities across UK
  • Tutor support and guidance for 2 years
  • ABBA group – weekly meeting with mentors to support high achievement at A Level
  • Oxbridge and Medical Groups – A bespoke programme running across Year 12 and 13 to prepare students for their application process
  • Tretherrras Aspirational Science Consortium (TASC) and Future Sport Science (FSS) in-house programmes
  • EPQ Qualification – A timetabled, year long personal investigation. Highly prized by Russell Group Universities

Example EXCEL Journey Programme

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