Executive Headteacher’s Welcome

Mrs S Fairbairn, Executive Headteacher – B.A.(Hons), NPQEL

You will always be guaranteed a warm welcome at Newquay Tretherras, an inspiring and vibrant school at the heart of our Newquay community.

Tretherras students are a pleasure to teach and learn with. They understand that their education is important for their life chances, and they take full advantage of the incredible range of clubs, experiences and facilities offered to them at our school, both within and beyond the classroom. We are ambitious for every single young person and your child will be offered an array of opportunities to grow and develop into a responsible, well-rounded individual. We aim to equip all our young people with the necessary resilience, confidence and aspiration to challenge themselves, and us, to achieve the highest standards possible.

We want our students to be healthy and happy young people and so we offer an inclusive and extensive curriculum which offers aspirational opportunities for all to succeed. The aim of the Tretherras curriculum is to enable our students to Achieve Highly, Communicate Convincingly, Decide Wisely and Engage Fully. Our holistic curriculum is rich, ambitious and well-sequenced and is designed to take students on a creative, exploratory and inspiring learning journey. As well as studying a body of academic knowledge, our specialist subject areas also focus on developing transferable skills such as communication, leadership and empathy. We focus on developing students’ reading and vocabulary, to give them the confidence to express their ideas meaningfully in order to progress and succeed.

We understand how challenging it can be to be a teenager and we have strong and caring people and structures in place to support students pastorally and academically. We are committed to developing students’ social, moral, spiritual, cultural and economic confidence in order to prepare our young people for further education or training, employment and successful citizenship.

Our strong belief is that Tretherras is a place where dreams can come true, and we put our students at the heart of everything we do. We are an inclusive learning community, working hard together to support our students to succeed in every possible way, whatever their talents or ambitions. Our relationships at Tretherras are inclusive and special: we are a family in which everyone matters. This is, without doubt, a very happy place to be.

As a school that achieves great examination results for our young people, we know it is the quality of our relationships with parents and students, our high standards and our inclusive ethos, which is the key to this success. We look forward to meeting you personally and to us working in partnership to ensure that your children are inspired, achieve remarkable things and become the best they can possibly be at Newquay Tretherras.


Mrs. Samantha Fairbairn, Executive Headteacher