NT Chef 2018

NT CHEF 2018-8845
NT Chef returned on Wednesday 21st, with 4 Year 7 students cooking against one another to see who could earn the right to progress onto the semi-finals. The competition was closely fought in the first round, with excellent food produced by all students.
Maisie Farmer produced Feta, Egg, Ham, Tomato and Spinach Muffins, topping each with a flag to add to her presentation. All of the judges agreed that her flavours were excellent, and that she had thought through how she was going to present her dish.
Matilda Landragin made a Fish Green Curry – combining a selection of herbs and spices to create her own curry paste, before combining with coconut milk and adding her prawns and white fish. Served with rice, the dish was fresh, vibrant, and healthy through and through. As with Maisie’s dish, all of the judges agreed that her flavours were excellent and that she had really captured the essence of a Thai curry.
Caitlin Dow produced a play on a pizza, taking an everyday dinner dish and creating the ‘Breakfast Pizza’ – a pizza (for which she made the dough) topped with cheese, ham, and finally an egg in the middle. The judges all commented on how nice her dough was, adding that the use of yoghurt in the mix added something to the flavour. Clearly, they enjoyed the dish as it was all gone when they moved onto the next one.
Finally, Ethan Barrett set the bar high with his Salmon, Horseradish Mashed Potato, Pea Puree, White Sauce and Asparagus – pushing himself to complete everything in the time provided. Whilst his pea puree didn’t quite go to plan, the rest of his dish looked excellent, and demonstrated an excellent level of skill throughout. Once again, all of the judges commented on how well he had done, and how much effort he had put into his dish.
Being a competition, the decision had to be made as to who would progress to the next round, so the judging panel had to score each dish. Based on the scores provided, the students finished in the following order:
1st Place – Maisie Farmer – Feta, Egg, Ham, Tomato and Spinach Muffins.
2nd Place – Caitlin Dow – Breakfast Pizza.
3rd Place – Matilda Landragin – Fish Green Curry.
4th Place – Ethan Barrett – Salmon, Horseradish Mash, Pea Puree, Asparagus.
Regardless of place, all four students should be commended on their efforts this afternoon, so if you see them please do give them a well done for their efforts – it was an excellent start to the competition.
NT Chef continues next Wednesday after school, with the second Year 7 heat.

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