SMSC is the provision of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development for Newquay Tretherras students across Phase One. The SMSC Department aims to link the learning of students across their subjects with the realities of a fast changing world – and in year 7 we link very closely as students experience the various strands of the NT Character programme (which forms part of The Tretherras Way).  We provide students with a safe and secure learning environment where they can explore a range of real-world issues and concerns. Students receive one hour of SMSC every week.

In year 7, students explore topics that are linked to important developmental issues such as their self-esteem, mental health and identity. They explore working and living as part of Communities, they explore issues regarding Citizenship and Democracy, British Values, and Healthy Lifestyles. We offer a module about Puberty as part of a five-year programme of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), enabling students to understand important personal hygiene issues. Students will also undertake a poster competition as part of our anti-bullying programme, which is always linked closely with National Anti-Bullying Week.

In year 8, students start to explore ideas and issues in connection with Jobs and Careers, Disability, Self-Esteem & Mental Health, and Human Rights / British Values.  Students will continue with the programme of Relationships and Sex Education, focusing primarily on healthy relationships. Students also undertake their first complete module that focuses on Drugs and Alcohol Education, with a primary focus upon the effects and risks in association with Alcohol.

The SMSC Department is central to the NT Character development programme, working closely with the Year 7 and 8 pastoral teams. In year 7, students are introduced (through a term’s induction programme) to the seven core NT Character traits and then undertake a series of mini challenges leading up to the experience of Junior Camp during Activities Week. In year 8, students compete for the Tretherras Way Challenge Cup by undertaking a series of team and individual competitions to win points for their House and Tutor Group.

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