A Level Business Studies

Business Studies focuses on developing the skills and abilities of students in order to prepare them for the world of work. Relevant in all walks of life, students will study a variety of topics throughout the course, considering not only how they relate to business, but also how important things such as financial management are in their own lives. This course is now a linear exam assessed at the end of Year 13.

Year 1 and 2 Topics studied
Year 1
BUSS1 – Planning and Financing a Business
BUSS2 – Managing a Business,

Year 2
BUSS3 – Strategies for Success
BUSS4 – The Business Environment and Managing Change

Assessment details
Exam based with varying weight put on different units:
BUSS1: 1 hour 15 minute examination
40% of AS/20% of A2
BUSS2: 1 hour 30 minute examination
60% of AS/30% of A2
BUSS3: 1 hour 45 minute examination
25% of A2
BUSS4: 1 hour 45 minute examination
25% of A2

Entry Requirements
Whilst a B in GCSE is preferred, students will be accepted onto the course providing they have achieved a minimum of a C in both English and Maths, and that they demonstrate an enthusiasm towards the course itself.

Business Studies relies on students taking initiative and researching key topics which relate to the work being covered. As such, students are expected to read around the topic area, keep up to date with current affairs relating to Business, and complete a minimum of 2 hours independent study per week. As well as this, due to the nature of the assessment for BUSS4, students will be required to investigate specific business organisations in relation to the headings provided in the pre-release materials, however members of staff will be on hand to provide help and guidance with this.

Outside of the Classroom
Business Studies provides a key insight into how the world of business works, allowing students to understand the opportunities which will be presented to them once they leave the Academy. As such, opportunities to investigate specific businesses and complete work experience in order to further develop learning are welcomed. Further links are also maintained to the idea of enterprise, with students being encouraged to take part in enterprising activities across the school.

Reasons to Study this
Business is what makes the world go around, whether it be on a global scale involving organisations such as Apple or Sony, or smaller enterprises local to the area. Whether a student wishes to become the next Alan Sugar, Richard Branson or Deborah Meaden, Business Studies is the starting point which will provide them with the launch pad that they need.
Further to this, Business is a skill which helps students with their own personal financial management at university and in life, meaning they are better equipped to move forwards into the bigger wider world.

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