A Level French

The specification is designed to develop linguistic skills alongside developing a knowledge of the culture and society of countries where French is spoken. Students will broaden their vocabulary and develop their grammatical knowledge to be able to use the language more independently whilst developing their understanding of topics relating to French society, politics and culture. This will also include the study of a play by a French director in Year 12 and a book by a French author in year 13.


Assessment is through 3 separate papers

Paper 1: Reading, listening and writing 40% 2 hr 30

Aspects of French society (Modern and tradition values, cyberspace and Equal rights

Political landscape

French artistic culture


The paper tests reading, listening and writing skills through a series of exercises including a translation of a 100 word passage into English.

Paper 2: Writing 30% 2 hours

Translation into French of a passage of 100 words.

2 Essay questions to answer based on the book and the film studied during the course.

Paper 3: Speaking 16 minutes ( plus 5 minutes preparation time) 30%

Discussion of 1 sub theme based on a stimulus card (5-6 minutes)

An individual project on a theme of students’ choice. 2 minutes presentation followed by discussion (9-10 minutes)

A Level French: This will be studied as a 2 year linear course

Entry Requirements

Students are required to achieve Level 6 at GCSE French to be able to study languages at A Level.


In addition, to set tasks, students will be required to complete regular independent study throughout the course to boost vocabulary and key skills required for the subject. This could include independent reading and listening practice and certainly regular learning of vocabulary and grammar practice.

Outside of the Classroom

In Year 12 students have the opportunity to participate in the County Mini Assistants scheme which involves them completing work experience in a primary school in Brittany whilst staying with a French family. Most students choose to participate and thoroughly enjoy the experience and are pleased with the impact that it has on their speaking skills in particular.

Reasons to study French

Skilled linguists continue to be in demand in a nation where learning a language is still not always seen as a priority. There are a wide variety of courses that you can study at university which either major in the language of your choice, are a joint degree, or allow you to do a language as a minor. Knowledge of a language is useful in a vast range of careers and the skills acquired through language learning are invaluable.

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