A Level Further Mathematics

Do you just love getting stuck in to a mathematical problem? Do you love maths just for the maths? Do you get an unparalleled sense of elation when you unpick a complex problem? Do you have an insatiable thirst to extend your mathematical understanding? Did you achieve a grade A* at GCSE? Do you have aspirations to read Maths, Physics, Engineering, Medicine or some other Science-related subject at an elite University? If your answer to many of these questions is ‘yes’, then Further Maths is for you.

AS and A2 Topics studied
At both AS and A2 Level students are exposed to some of the more abstract mathematical concepts, such as work relating to Complex Numbers, Matrices and Hyperbolic Functions. Students will study a Decision Maths module and Numerical Methods module at AS Level, and then a Mechanics 2 and Statistics 2 module at A2.

Assessment details
Three modular examinations in the summer of each year.

Entry Requirements
Grade A* and (preferably) at least a Grade A in the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics.

Further Mathematics students are expected to have an voracious interest in maths. You will be expected to feed your inquisitive mind by reading around the subject significantly.

Outside of the Classroom
As referred to above, there is a real expectation that independent study will extend beyond the scope of the course. We have an extensive reading list and a significant selection of texts that Further Maths students should be looking to read in preparation for applying to Russell Group and other elite Universities.

Reasons to Study this
Clearly a student who wishes to study Further Maths will hugely enjoy the subject and will be inspired by the new mathematics encountered. In addition to this, a strong A Level in Further Mathematics could really give you the edge in a university application. Top-end institutions actively seek students who are studying Further Maths, and the most elite universities list the subject as a pre-requisite for studying maths at degree level.

Find Out More
Please do not hesitate to speak to your Maths teacher, or any member of the Maths department. For further information about the content of this course, and to access past exam papers, please visit the following website: