A Level Mathematics

Mathematics is a challenging and rewarding subject to study at A Level. It equips students with skills that are not only transferable across the full range of academic subject areas, but that are highly sought after in the world of work.

Mathematics is the language of Science; the cornerstone of human development. But it is more than that: Mathematics is a beautiful and intriguing subject in its own right.

AS and A2 Topics studied
At AS Level the course provides an introduction to the key methodologies and concepts of advanced Mathematics. Students will also study a Mechanics module where they will meet some of the mathematics that underpins the physical world. At A2 students will discover some more key ideas and methods relating to core maths, including an introduction to Vectors and Differential Equations. Students will also study a module in Statistics at A2 level.

Assessment details
Three modular examinations in the summer of each year.

Entry Requirements
Grade A/A* in GCSE Maths

Students are expected to take a highly independent approach to learning. There is a huge emphasis on the importance of practising applying methods to different question styles in individual study time.

Outside of the Classroom
Students are expected to extend their awareness of maths beyond just the syllabus. The most successful candidates pursue their interests by accessing further reading about mathematics and mathematical problems.

Reasons to Study this
Apart from the obvious love of Maths and the thirst for a greater knowledge of the subject, prospective students should be aware of the other benefits to be derived from successfully studying maths at A Level. Universities and employers hold Maths in the highest regard, and elite institutions love applications with A Level Maths. The successful A Level mathematician demonstrates a high aptitude in solving problems, and has a logical, methodical and inquisitive mind, all of which serve to increase your employability and your appeal to University Admissions Tutors.

Find Out More
Please do not hesitate to speak to your Maths teacher, or any member of the Maths department.
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