AS Level Core Maths

We are really excited to have been granted funding from central government to offer this new two year course. We are one of only a handful of institutions to receive this and to be able to offer this course, which forms a huge part of the planned future of maths education in the UK.

AS and A2Topics studied
The course provides students with the opportunity to apply mathematical concepts to real world situations. A great deal of funding has been invested by businesses to create resources to support the delivery of this course. It really is a ‘maths in practice’ qualification.

Assessment details
Modular exams in the summer.

Entry Requirements
GCSE Grade C or above in Mathematics

As with all Level 3 Maths courses, there is a great emphasis on the need for students to learn independently. Students are generally expected to replicate lesson time in their private study time to ensure that knowledge gained in lessons is consolidated sufficiently.

Outside of the Classroom
Students should take an active interest in the use of mathematics around us in daily life. Reading quality newspapers and extracting the mathematical content is one way in which students can interact with maths in the real world.

Reasons to Study this
This is an excellent option for students who love maths, but for whom the traditional A Level style is not suitable. You will find this course to be ideal for you if you are someone who really gets satisfaction from real-life mathematical applications. The course is also a superb supporting qualification for students of any of the Sciences or Humanities, and will equip you with some key skills that will be invaluable in future study and in the work place. Crucially, the course will carry UCAS points in line with any other AS qualification.

Find Out More
Please do not hesitate to speak to your Maths teacher, or any member of the Maths department. For further information about the content of this course, and to access past exam papers, please visit the following website: