“When I’m 64″ – Intake of ’62 Reunion

Old Newquay Tretherras friends met up at the Lanherne pub on Saturday 26th, in a grand school reunion which saw former students coming from far and wide.

The reunion was targeted at the Grammar School intake of ’62, but other Alumni of Tretherras also joined in the event inspired by the Beatles song “When I’m 64″.

The intake of ’62 saw the introduction of decimalisation, and during class time heard the sonic booms of Concorde whilst being tested over the Bristol Channel. Many of the group also saw the Beatles at the Headland Hotel, one of the many venues of the now famous Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.

Carol Drake, who flew in from Australia’s Gold Coast, won a bouquet of flowers for the most distance travelled. Peter and Brenda Davy were Guests of Honour. Peter was a Deputy Headmaster and taught at Newquay Grammar School, then Newquay School and finally Tretherras.

The occasion raised £300 for charity, which was donated to Newquay Tretherras. The monies raised will be used for school activities supported by the Newquay Tretherras Alumni Society.

It was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by all.

The main photo shows the following Alumni from left to right… Dave Rickard, Roger Snell, Carol Drake, Gary Dale, Joanna Carne, Chris Higdon, Peter Davy, Julian Johns, Jerry Peck, Keith Beddoe, Brenda Davy, Paul Hooper, Liz Rogers, Sue Boreham, Mary Drake, Keith Hooper, Toffee Tummon, Richard Field and Nick Warren.