Key Stage 4 Awards Evening 2018

The Newquay Tretherras Key Stage 4 Awards Evening Celebrated Year 9 and 10 students on 4th of July.

Awards were presented to over 100 students who were recognised for their academic achievements and progress, as well as special recognition for students who have been inspirational.

The ever popular Newquay Tretherras Jazz Band welcomed family and friends to the Atlantic Hotel before Mr Higginson, Senior Assistant Headteacher, who is Leader of Key Stage 4, opened the evening speeches.

Mr Higginson stated, ‘Many of you in the room tonight had demonstrated the character sets that are required to achieve success. Resilience, motivation, an eagerness to learn and better yourself. Your use of those skills are the reason you have been nominated to receive an award for Highest Academic Achievement and or Greatest Progress in a subject’.

Mr Higginson added,” Tonight is about congratulating and recognising those students at Newquay Tretherras who are working really hard. We are very proud of you all. Keep up the good work’.

The Newly Appointed Head Boy and Head Girl, Will Swift and Marijka Zwozdiak, expertly hosted the ceremony with some clever one-liners, whilst Head of Year 10, Ms Hurley and Head of Year 9, Mr Preece presented awards and spoke of the fantastic achievements from each of their respective year groups.

Year 9 and 10 students were awarded for Best Progress, Best Achievement and Best Overall Achievement in 36 different subjects.

Mr Preece presented the Year 9 overall individual winners with Headteacher Mrs Fairbairn.

The winners of the Year 9 Outstanding Contribution Awards were Keziah Taylor and Coco Bond.

The Year 9 NT Outdoor Learning Award went to Jago Bradshaw.

The Year 9 Highest Academic Achievement Award 2018 was won by Abbie Hallam and Zac Spark.

The Year 9 Inspirational Award was won by Kieran Williams.

Ms Hurley presented the Year 10 overall individual winners with Headteacher Mrs Fairbairn.

The Year 10 Outstanding Contribution Awards were won by Imogen Barclay and Ben Hammersley.

The Year 10 Sports Leader Award went to Ellie Mares and Monty Creswell.

The Year 10 Inspirational Award 2018 was won by Charlotte Allen.

The Year 10 Highest Academic Achievement Award 2018 was won by Olivia Thomas and Sam Millington.

The Head Teachers Award 2018 was won by Sam Millington.

Mrs Fairbairn concluded the evening by congratulating the students and encouraging them to continue their spirit for learning as move on into their future.

Mrs Fairbairn commented, ‘you have really set your minds on what you want to do, every one of you has the potential to be a fantastic human being as an adult and I am very privileged to watch you taking on that journey. Congratulations to you all.’