2018 Leavers Celebration Evening

Newquay Tretherras students along with their families attended the Key Stage 4 Celebration Evening at the Hotel Bristol on 28th November 2018. Families proudly watched the 2018 Leavers collect their GCSE certificates and prizes for outstanding achievements over their five-year period at the school.

Senior Sixth Form students Deputy Head Boy Lewis Tucker, and Senior Scholar Travis Squance Clarke, admirably hosted the evening’s celebration in front the NET (Newquay Education Trust) Directors and VIPs guests.

The 2018 Leaver’s cohort were the first year group to face the new GCSE reforms which introduced content that was more challenging and under different assessment criteria. The new 9-1 grades replaced the traditional A-F grading system across all subjects.

Headteacher Mrs Samantha Fairbairn opened the evening’s speeches by welcoming the former Year 11 students and commenting, “It is wonderful to see so many of you here tonight to celebrate your incredible achievements. As a year group, I believe you are exactly the type of young men and young women that are going to make a positive difference in our world and society.”

Mrs Fairbairn added, “I would like to say congratulations to you all. We are all very proud of you and hope that you are all making the most of next steps whether you are here at Sixth Form or further afield so that you continue to unlock your potential.”

Students were presented their GCSE certificates by Mrs Fairbairn and their Head of Year Mr Carter, who after the presentation, expressed his pride for the year group, reminiscing about the humour and the precious memories they shared.

Mr Carter commented in his speech. ‘I would say that every day we were together, we truly had some fun. Your character was undeniable. The way you talked to each other, the way you talked to us, the way you agreed to get involved, the way you said yes, you were superb in taking on all the challenges that came your way over the 5 years.”

Mr Carter finished by saying, “I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and will finish by saying, individually you are great but for the time we were together you were awesome.”

The Chief Executive Officer of NET, Mrs Sarah Karkeek presented the awards for outstanding academic achievements.

This year the award for the Most Outstanding Musician was won by Tess Whitrow-Coates. and the Greatest Contribution to Performing Art was won by Chloe Wall.

The Sports Award was won by Eddie Pearce and Katie Robinson (collected by her mum).

This year Erin Burt won the Best KS4 Results, whilst Rhiannon Wooldridgey won the Most Academic Progress in KS4.

The Peter Cocks Award for Science & Technology was awarded to Mattie de Beer, whilst Libby Evans won top performing Biologist, Shannon Wright won top performing Chemist and Molly Maguire King was won the top performing Physicist.

Mr Carter presented the Greatest Contribution to the Life of the School to Josh Beasley.

Mr Carter introduced the final award of the night, the Steve Paice Memorial Award. This award recognises character, perseverance and determination and was presented by Mrs Barbara Paice to Owen Pryor.

Mrs Karkeek closed the evening by thanking students, parents and teaching staff for their hard work and support, congratulating them once more on their phenomenal results and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year when it arrives.