Eden Project Visits Newquay Tretherras

On Friday 20th September Newquay Tretherras was privileged to work with Rosie Corr, an education officer from the Eden Project, as part of our commitment to encouraging our students to learn about the Climate Change emergency.

Students across Key Stages 3 and 4 engaged in a workshop with Rosie from Eden, to learn about what actions they can undertake that can make a positive contribution to solving the many environmental problems that we face. This workshop challenged students to consider whether they could undertake positive actions through shopping choices, social media activity, protest or other forms of positive action.

Rosie Corr said, “It was a pleasure coming in to talk to students from Tretherras. They were engaged and enthusiastic, and came up with some really good ideas of their own about how they can tackle climate change as individuals and as a school community. It gave me hope that with passionate young people such as themselves who are willing to make change that together we can make a positive impact on the planet.”

In other lessons, students benefited from subject teachers using their specialist knowledge to offer different perspectives on climate issues. Finally, in addition to this, students also worked with Mr Jones, the Lead Teacher of Personal Development, to develop ideas about what Tretherras might need to do differently as part of our commitment to being a Green Charter School.

All Green Charter schools acknowledge there is a climate emergency that requires focus and action, and look to engaging students in positive action. For example, students explored what might need to be changed to enable Tretherras to be declared as “plastic free”, and we will shortly form a student and staff group to explore how to put potential changes into action.

Mr Jones said, “I was incredibly proud of our students who engaged with our visitor from the Eden Project in such a proactive and positive manner. Many of our students are passionate about climate change, and they want to have an active role in making the situation better. As a Green Charter school, Tretherras is going to commit to working with these dedicated young people to start making the change here in school first.”

The Tretherras website will soon have a dedicated Green Charter page where all the latest news about our climate change initiatives will be updated regularly.