Discover Risk Business Workshop

On Thursday 19th November, Newquay Tretherras were pleased to welcome Claire and Vicki from Cornish Mutual Insurance to work with a selection of Year 11 students on their Discover Risk Training session.
The session gave students an insight into the risks involved with Business and investments, encouraging them to consider how risk adverse they were, as well as looking at various scenarios which insurance organisations face on a day to day basis. The session was fun and informative, with students taking part in an interactive game designed to get them working as a team, and thinking about the situations they were presented with.
Student feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive, with students commenting on how much fun it was, how much they felt they had learned about the finance side of business, and for some, how they were now encouraged to seek out potential work experience with organisations in that field.
Business Studies teacher Dave Nicholls said “This session was a follow on session from the Discover Fortunes Training which the students did last year, which gave them an insight into investments. Having the opportunity to work with Claire and Vicki was a great opportunity for the students as it opened their eyes to the various opportunities which are out there in the world of finance, whilst also getting them working together to consider the risks surrounding business. An excellent session which we’ll look forward to running again in future”.