Supporting Newquay Food Bank

Mr Nicholls, one of our fantastic Heads of House, has been in touch with Newquay Food Bank about what we as a school can do to help them.
Donations to them have plummeted in the current circumstances and they are crying out for donations.
All Heads of House will be putting a shout out this week in House Assembly, and will encourage our students to get a couple of extra tins/packs of something when they are doing any shopping to donate.
The extra things they’re currently looking for are tins and jars of:

Canned meat
Meat balls
Bolognese Sauce
Stewed steak
Canned Fish
Rice Puddings
Angel Delight
Curry Sauce
Pasta Sauce
Vegetarian Items
Kidney Beans

Any donations will go a long way towards helping those who can’t afford to get a shop in, let alone stock up.
Let’s not forget what a difference a couple of extra bits could make to the lives of the most needy.
Please share this post and/or list. Thank you.