Information regarding A Level and GCSE results

Given the latest decision from the government regarding the A Level and GCSE results this afternoon, we want to reassure you that the school is doing all we can to make the situation as straight forward and easy to understand as possible.
Year 13 Students
You are now to be awarded the Centre Assessed Grades (CAG’s). These are the grades we sent to exam boards in May. These were based on AS, mid-term, PPE and coursework/NEA grades (where relevant and complete).
There may be a small number of students whose grades may drop as a result of the decision. It has been confirmed by Ofqual that students will be able to take the highest grade awarded (either the CAG or Ofqual awarded grades from last week).
We know that these may be needed for university places and are in the process of generating your CAG grades at time of writing, but we hope to be able to send you these results via your school email tomorrow.
Year 11 Students
You are now going to be awarded Centre Assessed grades. Teachers used your overall performance over the last 2 years, test and PPE results as well as your likely progress from PPE’s to the exams to generate these grades. We were also constrained by the government guidelines to ensure against national grade inflation. However, we believe that, on the whole, they are a fair reflection of what you were likely to have gained in examinations this year.
You will receive your results at 8 am on Thursday morning along with information about entry into the Sixth Form. This will be emailed to you using your school email.
Following the A Level fiasco last week, we had already decided to use the CAG’s and your teacher’s knowledge of you as students to offer places onto Sixth Form courses. As a result, any student wishing to join the Sixth Form will receive either confirmation of their subject choices or an invite to an on-line interview to arrange their curriculum for next year.
We will update you of any other changes as and when they are confirmed by the Department of Education.
Very best wishes from the Sixth Form Team