Newquay Lions Club Young Citizen Award 2020

Every year the Newquay Lions celebrate the positive contribution made by young people who live in the Newquay area through an Awards night attended by The Mayor of Newquay.

Due to the pandemic this year, the event was cancelled. Nevertheless, two Newquay Scouts were nominated, and Year 7 student Erika Sutton of Newquay Tretherras won the award.

Mr David Everson of the Newquay Lions was unable to present the award in person but commented, “Erika is a credit to our Scout Troop, she is determined, honest, empathic, caring, and cheerful under all circumstances. She has displayed all of the qualities that we, as Scouts aspire to. All this she has achieved, not in spite of her Autism, but in many cases, because of her Autism. She is a shining of the fact that Autism is not a disability, just a different way of looking at the world.”

Head of Year 7, Miss Barber presented the Award to Erika in school.