NTOL received award from the Boardmasters Foundation to build a new orienteering course.

The Outdoor Learning Department at Newquay Tretherras received a surprise award of £500 from the Boardmasters Foundation at the beginning of the year.

Established in 2017, the Boardmasters Foundation was born out of our desire to give back and support the culture and surrounding communities that are at the heart of our festival.

The Tretherras Outdoor Learning department put the generous contribution towards making a new orienteering course across the school and adjoining Newquay Community Sports Centre site.

The funding has created several courses that enable navigation education to be delivered progressively and widely to Newquay Tretherras students, other schools and the Newquay community.

The extensive course was built over the summer and has been well received by students. Head of Outdoor Learning, at Newquay Tretherras, Mr C Lucas explained, ‘We now have the orienteering course up and running, and it is in use most days. Being able to give the students a constructive challenge in the fresh air is particularly welcome now and the children I’ve spoken to have loved having the opportunity to be out on the fields finding the various markers.’

The course also includes a photo orienteering course with ‘animal markers’ that can be used with primary aged pupils and special needs/accessibility groups.

Newquay Tretherras Executive Headteacher, Mrs S Fairbairn, commented, ‘We are very grateful for the wonderful donation from the Boardmasters Foundation. It has been used in a fantastic way by Mr Lucas. We look forward to a time that we can safely share this resource with the wider community.’