100 Club Second Celebration

On Friday 9th of July, Year 8 celebrated the second 100 Club, recognising those students from the year who have earned 100 Positive Praise points for their efforts. Students were invited up to celebrate their efforts along with staff from the year group, and were treated to pizza, cake, fizzy drinks, and some music (where surprisingly, Three Lions seemed to frequently feature!).

Mr Nicholls, Head of Year 8, said: “This is the second 100 Club which we’ve been able to run and once again, it’s been wonderful to see the efforts of our students recognised and rewarded, particularly at a time where there is so much else going on. All of the students who have been invited to the events should be most pleased with their efforts, and should recognise how proud of them we are”.

Both of our 100 Club events have been very kindly supported by Morrisons in Newquay, who have made contributions towards the food and drink on offer to students.

Mr Nicholls added: “As a school we would like to extend our thanks to Morrisons, and to their Community Champion, Rebecca Sobye, for generously supporting our celebrations events. Their kindness and generosity has really made the events special for our students”.