Arts, Technology Lectures and Seminars (ATLAS)

Save the Date
Wednesday 16th of February
5 – 6 pm at The Fibrehub, Pool.

Here we go again! All being well and good this time we will do this.

Wednesday 16th February will be the first of a monthly hang out for those interested in seeing and learning about what is happening in the tech world from the tech world in Cornwall. Though we have given this a grand title, to get a memorable acronym, it will have a more Cornish vibe. This isn’t about the technologies that will make living in cities smarter. What’s the point in that? This is about the technologies that make a difference to Cornwall. That can make a difference to those living in Cornwall. That can make a difference to those working and those working in the future in Cornwall.

Every month we will be providing an opportunity for teachers to meet those in the industry and learn something about what it is they do and the technologies they utilise. Nothing too in depth but sufficient to talk knowledgeably about it at a dinner party. If teachers feel confident with the tech then their students will benefit too. Each month we will have something different to show but you are welcome to ask us about anything we may know about. We hope this will grow as more companies join in and share their knowledge.

The first evening we will open with NFT and art. We’ll be happy to chat about other things too but Non Fungible Tokens and what they are in the world of art seemed like a great place to start.

It should be well known that there is a shortage of talent for employers in technology. Learning to code and STEM has been a buzz for many years now. It is still really important for industry that students learn these skills but not just for this industry. Many other industries, not associated with software, are beginning to require coding as a job requirement. The more we can make students realise this, the better it will be for us and them as they learn the skills of the future.

There are no tickets or booking required but if you are thinking of coming along do please drop us a line. There is ample free parking at the Fibrehub and being right off the A30 is easy to find. We are also hoping to be able to lay on some refreshments to tempt you even more!

To find Fibrehub there are some great directions and map on their website.

So put the date in your calendars and we will see you all next month.