The EPQ is a self-motivated project that carries the same UCAS points as an AS Level, and is increasingly popular with students. There are several types of EPQ: you can write a research-based report, put on an event like a fashion show or charity fundraiser, or make something – like a piece of art or a game.

It requires self-discipline and independent research on a topic of your own choice, so is seen as a good option for people who want to stand out and get into a good university.

The advantages of doing an EPQ and the skills you will develop are;

  • It allows you to choose a topic that is of specific interest to you.
  • It helps you to develop skills that will be invaluable to you in FE or work
  • It is getting increasing respect and acknowledgement from universities
  • It carries UCAS points
  • Research, Note taking, Problem solving, Project management, Question framing and Analytical writing.

In some cases Universities may reduce your offer for the course you wish to study.

Examples of EPQ Titles:

  • Amy Chapple – Are Literary Classics Obsolete?
  • Lowenna Barbery – Which is the worst crime/criminal in British History with reference to murder?
  • Sam Jones – Zombies: Antagonist Substitute or Revealing Motif?
  • Zoe Scholes – Is social media an effective vehicle of positive socio-political change?
  • Richard Griffin – How have Indie games evolved and impacted on mainstream gaming?
  • Alice Crampton – Which field of Physiotherapy has developed the most in terms of technique and technology?
  • Sam Furse – Are the new rules and regulations in Formula 1 better for the sport?
  • Alex Rowland – What is the best form of renewable energy for the UK?
  • Grace Foster – Finding the perfect structure to a play for a contemporary audience.
  • Daisy Phillips – Are there any gender inequalities between men & women’s rugby in the UK?
  • Rebekah White – Should we aim to eradicate viral diseases from labs such as smallpox?
  • Fraser Hosie – A cosmological discussion on what is happening in the region of space we call a black hole.
  • Jack Smith – How did carnivorous dinosaurs evolve from the Triassic to the Cretaceous period?