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General Information
In this section you will find information about Tretherras, The Parent Teacher Association, Academy Policy documents, calendars, school trips and lots of other useful information.

The menu on the left will help you find answers to any questions you may have about Tretherras and your child’s schooling. New material and announcements will be added throughout the school year, so please check back regularly.

School times
Newquay Tretherras is open Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30, with the exception of after school clubs events and activities. The current school day starts at 8:30am, a warning bell rings at 8:35 and registration begins at 8:40am. Assemblies start at 8:40am, each Year group has at least one assembly a week. Lessons begin at 9:00am and the school teaching day finishes at 3:00pm.

Students arriving late need to register at the main reception as soon as they arrive in the building.

Absences during term time
Excellent attendance is very important to us at Newquay Tretherras and research shows that children that have attendance that is 97% and above are high achievers in school.

As of September 2013 the law changed regarding attendance and headteachers can no longer give permission for holidays during term time.

Absences during term time can only be authorised if they are taken due to exceptional circumstances. You will only be able to make a formal holiday request by submitting a letter addressed to the headteacher explaining your exceptional circumstances.

Every case will be considered individually and there is no set criteria defining ‘exceptional circumstances’. The law dictates that each child’s current attendance figure and educational level will be considered in each
case. The law now says that if you do take unauthorised holiday it may result in a fixed penalty notice being issued. This fine will be £60 but would increase to £120 if not paid within 21 days. There is a possibility that
further prosecution could result from the local authority.

We have always tried to keep you informed about your child’s attendance and explain why good attendance is vital to support the education and social development of your child. Therefore we hope this letter is
informative, however the full guidance may be found at:

Your child’s education is of paramount importance to us and we hope we have your continued support in this matter.