Across Phase One students cover all areas of the new Computing Curriculum. All students cover some aspect of E-Safety in lessons.

Unique to the local area, our Phase One students also have the amazing opportunity to create 3D worlds and games, using the Oculus Rift in a highly popular, enriching after school club every Thursday.

In Year 7 students learn how to code a calculator in Scratch using block programming. In this unit, they also learn aspects of computational thinking plus logic and problem solving. Following this, students learn all about the hardware of a computing, getting down with the key components; learning how to build a computer and prepare them for the real world when buying technology. Finally, students get creative and learn how to design and build a website using HTML and CSS.

In Year 8 students learn all about the digital world they live in. This better prepares students for staying safe online and avoiding online dangers; searching the net safely; how not to infringe copyright law; and then how to deal with and combat cyberbullying. This section of learning will also have a close focus on literacy. After students have learnt how to stay safe they will delve into representation of number, learning all about binary and how computers store media. They will learn how to count and add using binary. This term will have a close link to mathematics. Finally, in Year 8 they will begin to learn how to program using Python, a programming language used in GCSE Computing and this unit links very closely to that curriculum.

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